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help me!


No payments = No orders
All payments in within 48hours. Items reach in 1-2 weeks.
I will update accordingly if there are any hiccups along the way.
All prices are in Singapore Dollars (SGD) and yes, I do ship overseas!

Items are ordered EVERY SUNDAY

There will be 2 payments:
1. Payment for the item + Shipping fee (from my supplier to me)
2. Local postage for the item (Not applicable if you opt for meetup)

ATM transfer: POSB Savings 228-09735-7

Cash in transfer *** You don't need a POSB Account for this.
Go to any posb/dbs bank and do a cash in transfer at the counter.
Things you need: Account number (POSB Savings 228-09735-7) and account holder's name: Evangeline

Collection of Items:
Meetup: Meetups held once a week at Dover Road
How to get there?
Stop at Dover MRT, turn right after exiting the gantries, go to the bus stop and take buses 14, 166 or 74.
The bus will turn right, then turn left. Drop on the first stop when it turns left. I'll be at the bus stop :) It is the 3rd stop from Dover MRT, there should be a basketball court opposite the bus stop!

Normal mail: Sent to the letterbox of the addressee - lost mail will not be accounted for.

Registered mail: Comes with a tracking number so that you can track your item at all times. Has to be signed & received by someone at the stated address. If no one acknowledges the mail, a notice will be served, and the addressee is to self-collect/ retrieve the registered mail at the post office as advised.

All payments to black_hawk240@yahoo.com.sg

Sending Money
Send money -> Personal Payments -> Payment Owed
Do note that you'll have to bear any paypal fees (if applicable)

Overseas Postage

All according to singpost rates: http://singpost.com/mailrate/
Will calculate accordingly when items arrive!

Add on $2.50 for registered mail
(recommended, comes with a tracking number so you know the location of your item at all times)


1. Can I meet you at )(#$)(*#$ at (567pm) ?
No, sorry. Meetups are only held once a week at Dover Road (Time/ day differs week to week)
There will be no exceptions and if you are unable to come for the meetup, please do opt for postage!!


2. How should I pay? Can I meet you to pay?
There are 3 ways of paying, Cash transfer, ATM Transfer and Concealed Cash (+ Paypal for overseas buyers). No meetups for payment!

3. Can I pay when items arrive?
Items here are on pre-order and hence I will only order the items once I've received the funds from you.

4. Do I pay first then send in my order form, or send in my order form then pay?
You can do whichever you like, but I suggest you Pay then Send in your order form as it makes things easier for me.

5. Why haven't you replied my email????? I sent in my payment please check and get back to me!!!! @#%#$^
I will reply all mails, so please don't worry! I may take a little longer at times but I hope that you'll bear with me. I will send all paid orders a Confirmation email so please just relax and wait for that. Thank you for your patience~!

6. How much is normal/ registered mail?
Postage will be calculated when items arrive as I don't know the weight of the items! Sorry about this~



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